Song Review: eite – Independent Woman

I’ll always root for a super-nugu group with an inscrutable name, and eite fits the bill. Debuting today, I know next to nothing about them beyond the fact that they’ve already surpassed expectations with their music. Independent Woman isn’t quite as spectacular as it could be, but it’s stronger than most efforts from their big-budget, a-list competitors.

The overall soundscape is reminiscent of second-gen groups like Kara, pulsing along a robust electro beat that keeps energy high throughout the track. The vocal melodies are more clipped than I would prefer, but when Independent Woman gets going it’s quite addictive. After a choppy start to each chorus, the track segues into a propulsive hook that works well. “It’s a feeling of euphoria” becomes a repeated mantra throughout Independent Woman, and eite would do well to make this their entire mission statement. There’s a massive gap in the market for this exciting sound.






Grade: B+

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