Song Review: VIVIZ – Maniac

Thus far, VIVIZ’s career has been equal parts promising and frustrating. They have no obligation to continue the style of their former group GFriend, but it’s regrettable to see them tackling songs that feel smoothed of their individuality. As solid as their work has been, I can’t put my finger on what makes VIVIZ unique. New title track Maniac is another example of well-made dance pop without much character of its own.

Maniac‘s throbbing bass feels instantly familiar, laying the groundwork for a tentative melody that builds interest throughout the verse. The instrumental fleshes out during the chorus, adding welcome distortion that gives the production some edge. This hook is cut into two pieces — one quite sparse and one more robust. Unfortunately, the sparseness takes precedence as the girls trace the bassline for a coy vocal that doesn’t amount to much. I prefer the moments when the melody takes flight. VIVIZ sound great here and these flourishes of drama break up the monotony of the beat.

Overall, Maniac is successful. However, there are many similar-minded songs available on the global market and I’m not sure that this will compete in the long run. VIVIZ give an engaging performance, but there’s not quite enough for them to chew on.






Grade: B-

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