Video Premiere: Icarus Witch – “Shadowchaser”

Are you fan of classic heavy metal that sparks the imagination and sends you to an epic land of riffs and soaring vocals? Then you’ll be a fan of the new song and video from Icarus Witch. “Shadowchaser” comes from the band’s new album, No Devil Lived On, out now via Cleopatra Records. According to bassist Jason Myers:

“Shadowchaser” is the eighth song on the new occult sci-fi concept album, No Devil Lived On. Musically, it’s the most straight-ahead classic metal banger we’ve written in ages. A pure riff-driven melodic rocker in the vein of Dio-era Rainbow, Deep Purple, or vintage Whitesnake.

Indeed, albums like Stargazer and In Rock were the first things that came to mind as I listened to this song. He goes on to describe the concept behind the song:

Lyrically we’re launching into new space while at the same time giving a nod to the earliest days of our own band. In this chapter of the conceptual story our protagonist, Aradia “The Traveler” finds herself wandering a strange distant planet upon which the spacecraft she was stowing away on has crashed. In addition to being a rebel from the eco-resistance movement back on Earth, she is also a witch who now seeks a way to return to her coven on her home planet. Aradia encounters a mysterious blind wizard in the ruins of a castle who offers her a way home in exchange for her sight.

Having journeyed the desolate planet for what feels like ages, the weary space witch is now short on resources and options so she accepts the dubious proposition only to realize that she may have actually sacrificed her mortality as the toll for escape. The wizard’s spell traps her in a frozen cosmic web, she is now the “Ice Maiden” whose legacy was foretold on the first Icarus Witch EP nearly two decades ago. Was this exchange a trick of the dark sorcerer or is she about to transcend and return to humanity in another form altogether? The answer to that riddle may lie in the album’s concluding song, Starseed Trilogy.

Sounds rad to me! Wizards of the Coast ought to call on these guys for new plot and character concepts! Check out the video for “Shadowchaser” below:

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