GOLDEN CHILD – Feel Me: In-Depth Album Review – Blind Love

As always, being The Bias List‘s bias group guarantees an in-depth album review — even if there are only three songs! Let’s take a look at Feel Me’s two b-sides!

Feel Me // 2. Blind Love // 3. Dear


Blind Love feels like a maturation of Golden Child’s bright, debut-era sound. It’s got plenty of pep in its step, but both the production and melodies feel sleeker and slightly more reserved. In others’ hands, this may come across as quite generic. However, there are a few touches that help the song stand out.

The first element that hit me was the vocal arrangement. Golcha’s vocals are one of their greatest assets and Blind Love seems to know this. I love the sweeping melody that follows each chorus. It’s very Infinite-like in execution and builds perfectly on the chorus. This whole segment — from chorus onwards — has such a sunny, satisfying bounce. I like how the production expands here, forging an engaging centerpiece that eventually segues into a brilliant Joochan power note to close the track.

Guitar adds extra groove to the verses and this facet of the instrumental could have been expanded upon further. How cool would a late-song guitar break sound? But Blind Love isn’t meant to be super ambitious. It’s a gentle dose of serotonin, supplied by a group who know their way around a mood-lifting pop track. All three of the song’s producers are familiar to me, but I especially have my eye on KZ, who’s having a bit of a pop resurgence lately with groups like The Wind and CSR. Blind Love fits comfortably in that realm.






Grade: B+

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