GOLDEN CHILD – Feel Me: In-Depth Album Review – Dear

As always, being The Bias List‘s bias group guarantees an in-depth album review — even if there are only three songs! Let’s take a look at Feel Me’s two b-sides!

Feel Me // 2. Blind Love // 3. Dear


I read some pre-release promo that described Dear as a “Brit-pop epic,” which is definitely overselling it. But even so, the song is more interesting than it first appears. This is the latest Golcha track to be co-composed by member Tag and it’s fun to watch his development as a songwriter. This feels like his most ambitious work yet and makes for a great vocal showcase.

Dear opens with an atmospheric slow-burn before sprightly percussion transforms it into an upbeat tonic. Harmonies abound, giving the track plenty of texture. These big changes in energy and structure are probably where the “epic” descriptor came from, though I think the song could have gone even bigger.

I really like Dear‘s chorus. It has a cathartic sense of release that matches the members’ vocal talents. The bridge gives way to a fantastic power note that helps transition to a dramatic, choir-like coda. These touches give Dear unexpected weight and make me wish that this could’ve truly been a five-to-six minute epic. There are many ideas at play here and they’re not given enough time to unfurl. Maybe Golden Child should just record a rock opera next!






Grade: B

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