Song Review: GreatGuys – Deep In Love

GreatGuys are one of those super underrated groups that occasionally pull a pop banger out of nowhere. I wouldn’t say any of their songs have permanent residence on my playlists, but every once and awhile they surprise me. New single Deep In Love is the biggest surprise yet.

I love the production on this. I love how big it goes and how completely it sustains this energy over its taut two-and-a-half minute running time. Its robust funk backbone is a rollicking good time — the kind of all-out blast of intensity I wish Seventeen would return to. The core groove is strong on its own, but it’s fueled by all kinds of fun ornamentation, from guitar to vocal harmony and exuberant chants. The whole track feels like it’s egging itself on — daring itself to go bolder and faster.

The first time through, I wasn’t convinced the song itself was strong enough to live up to this production. I’m still not completely sold on the chorus. It feels more like a continuation of the verses than its own thing. However, the catchy post-chorus hook has quickly gone from cheesy to addictive, assisted by punchy percussion that punctuates all the right places. We’ll see how Deep In Love ages, but it’s most certainly GreatGuys’ strongest title track yet.






Grade: A-

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