Song Review: HyunA – Attitude

Alongside fellow artists Jessi and Dawn, HyunA recently left Psy’s P Nation for a new label. She decided to sign with producer GroovyRoom’s AT AREA, and Attitude is the first taste of what the two may create together. With the ink still fresh on their partnership, I’m already excited for the music that may come down the line.

Attitude embraces all the aspects HyunA has always excelled at, fusing attitude with blazing charisma and catchy production. The song is positioned toward clubs and dance floors, and this proves to be an excellent match for her musical personality. The production is more aggressive than I associate with GroovyRoom, hinging on big shots of percussion and undulating electro bass. It seems almost designed for a show like RuPaul’s Drag Race, but stays just short of pastiche thanks to HyunA’s established star power.

The track veers between spoken-word hookiness and airier melodic segments. At just under two minutes, it’s a wisp of a song — more a (re)introduction than a full-fledged title track. But as a statement of intent, Attitude is just what I’d hope for from HyunA at this stage in her career. Hopefully, her new management will continue to tease out the quirkier aspects of her music.






Grade: B

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