Song Review: Kep1er – Grand Prix

Kep1er’s burgeoning Japanese discography has already resulted in one of their best songs, so there’s reason to be optimistic about any new releases. Grand Prix has a fun racing concept and bouncy sound, but right from the start I knew it would be an uphill battle for me.

As with many of their peers, Kep1er have adopted the ever-popular sing-talk approach for much of Grand Prix‘s running time. Its verses are energetic but empty — a series of disconnected exclamations that veers too closely to Kidz Bop territory for me. Then, the song swerves into a tempo-changing chorus that lands with a thud. After building energy with the pre-chorus, their “like a grand prix” catchphrase feels ill-positioned and silly. This structural approach works occasionally, but Grand Prix isn’t campy enough to fully relish in it.






Grade: D+

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