Song Review: Omega X – Junk Food

Omega X have been through the wringer over the past few years, so even if their music hasn’t always been my thing it’s hard not to root for them. Junk Food is their first comeback after their successful lawsuit against former agency Spire Entertainment and sees them continue to develop their noisy, bombastic style.

What’s up with all the food metaphors lately? Junk Food pairs nicely with Macaroni Cheese, though the songs themselves don’t share much in common. While I rarely enjoy idols shouting at me as the basis for a song, I appreciate Junk Food‘s consistency. If you’re going to craft a confrontational track like this, it needs to keep up the energy throughout its entire running time. Junk Food swerves from one hook to another with glee. Its production is surprisingly compelling, built upon a strong beat ornamented with synth strings and touches of rhythm guitar. Some moments are quite haunting, adding great atmosphere to the track. Those synths often sound like muted ambulance sirens, giving Junk Food a palpable sense of tension.

Readers, you need to help me out with Junk Food‘s chorus. I feel like I’ve heard this exact vocal rhythm/phrasing before in a recent girl group track (I wanna say ITZY?). However, I can’t quite place which song it reminds me of. At any rate, the hook works surprisingly well, even if I would have preferred more melodic heft. Kudos to Omega X for simultaneously meeting and subverting my expectations.






Grade: B

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