Song Review: Soojin – AGASSY

After a somewhat messy departure from (G)I-DLE and Cube Entertainment, Soojin has returned as a soloist. Re-debut AGASSY sees her following in the footsteps of many girl group members turned soloists. Right away, the song and performance remind me of something we’d hear from Sunmi or BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

AGASSY casts an evocative atmosphere, but I find the song itself to be pretty empty. Its instrumental is quite stylish, with plucked percussion and woodwinds giving it plenty of character. It’s the perfect backdrop for an equally beguiling melody, but AGASSY bunts when it could have climbed to ambitious heights. The pre-drop hook (chorus?) is nice and Soojin sounds great throughout. It’s a shame that we’re left with a plonky instrumental breakdown in place of a proper centerpiece. Judging by the chart success of similar tracks, there’s definitely an appetite for this style. Alas, it just isn’t for me.






Grade: C

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