Track Premiere: Shipwreck Karpathos – “SCENE XI: Life as War”

The Greek isle of Karpathos rests in the southeastern Aegean Sea, over 9000 miles from Indiana’s capital of Indianapolis. But under the idyllic blue waters surrounding the island there is a graveyard of sunken ships littering the seabed. Although the ships were reclaimed by the waters they used to navigate, the naval ruins are now popular destinations luring curious divers and vacationers. Post-rock outfit Shipwreck Karpathos was formed almost 15 years ago in the American Midwest; closer to the Rust Belt than rusted destroyers. Like their namesake, they turn dark themes into unexpected opportunities for exploration and rumination. Today we pull a stunning previously submerged new track ashore from their upcoming album, Being Human.

Split into seven separate “scenes,” Being Human is a self-described “blend of post-rock, hardcore, and Midwest emo.” Shipwreck Karpathos band founder David Chastain called the album their “most dynamic and adventurous release to date.” Listening to this track it’s easy to see why. As silhouettes against a giant Lite Brite board, this performance video of “SCENE XI: Life as War” shares the band’s hypnotic approach to instrumental post-rock. The song is a balance of gentle reflection that crescendos into cathartic crashes of ocean-shaking distortion. The songs are tastefully textured with synths (by Dev Addison Bhat) and string arrangements from Ian Duvall (Archiator). While the first hammer-drop of heaviness occurs at the 2:47 mark, the track also boasts a walloping finale. Check out their first single “Almost Colossus” for a more urgent but similarly slick approach to hard-edged post-rock. and stay tuned for more.

Press play below and listen before Being Human is released on November 17th from A Thousand Arms Music and dunk!records.

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