Song Review: Bang Yedam – Miss You

Back in 2012 when Bang Yedam stepped on the stage of K-pop Star with a harmonica in his hand and his father accompanying him on guitar, I never pictured him as part of a YG act like Treasure. It always seemed like an odd fit, so when he eventually left the group it wasn’t too surprising. He seems right at home as a soloist, but maybe that’s just because that’s how we were introduced to him.

Miss You isn’t Yedam’s first solo track, but it’s his debut under new label GF Entertainment. Before we hear the title track of his upcoming album, he’s laid the groundwork with an emotive piano ballad. Miss You is quite pretty and Yedam’s voice is always something to look forward to. You can tell he put his heart into this and that sense of authenticity pulls you in even if the song itself feels a little rote.

More than anything, I’m curious how Yedam’s solo work will sound. A song like Miss You is fairly expected, but his tenure on K-pop Star revealed an artist equally at home on more rhythmic tracks. Now that we’ve been reacquainted with the passion of his voice, I’m excited for him to showcase his skills as a stage performer.






Grade: C+

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