Blast Worship: Zero Survive

Where they from? Boston, MA.
I am done with football, I cannot watch Zach Wilson anymore; it’s too painful. Bring on hockey. The New York Rangers have won eight in a row and Alexis Lafrenière finally is playing up to his potential. Cannot wait for six months from now when they too let me down in as painful a manner as possible. Who knows? Maybe a playoff loss to the Islanders will finally get me to quit sports forever!

Why the hype?
I know this is sort of a given for this column, but I genuinely really like this band. Featuring members of Blast Worship stalwarts Stagnater, Zero Survive bring a metallic, grinding tenacity in the same vein as Agenda of Swine and even early Pig Destroyer. Did you know I like those bands, too? Because I do, and because they will never throw an interception on their OWN FUCKING GOAL LINE.

Latest Release?
Abjuration, self-released. I really like the skank blasts the band does here. A good skank blast to me sounds like a dog rabidly chasing its own tail, which is performed masterfully here. Also, the vocals are quite vicious. These guys can go far, unlike a certain fucking football team who shall remain nameless.

Abjuration by Zero Survive

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