Album Stream: Litha – ‘Litha’

Though many of you might recognize Andrew Black as the other half of Mizmor’s Dialeithia, or maybe you’ve seen him onstage with Hell or the aforementioned Mizmor. Black’s resume is impressive, including a rich discography of ambient and quieter music, but he is first and foremost a metal musician–Litha is his first solo outing as one. Drawing inspiration from some very specific sources, but with his own doomed twist, Andrew Black’s first entry as a “depressive black metal” musician is a powerful one, complete with sorrowful chord progressions and an overall morose atmosphere. Litha grips the listener with a strong understanding of depression’s darkest depths and inner uncertainties, transmuting these negativities into deep, personal darkness. Litha’s self-titled debut is streaming here ahead of its Friday release.

S/T by Litha

From the artist:

When I think about this album as a whole it’s really just me arguing with myself and attempting to make sense of my own inconsistencies. Observing my anger, the guilt that follows, and realizing the things that bother me about other people are actually what I dislike most about myself.

Litha releases November 17 via Tartarus Records.

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