Song Review: AMPERS&ONE – On And On

This year has been stuffed with new boy group debuts featuring Boys Planet contestants, but FNC Entertainment’s AMPERS&ONE caught my eye thanks to the bright, upbeat direction of their music. I’d love for K-pop to embrace a resurgence of thick synths and propulsive dance beats, and the teasers for On And On seemed to promise just that.

The final product delivers… mostly. Its biggest asset is its bounding production, which kicks off with an exclamatory intro and never lets up. It’s so refreshing to hear a song maintain its breathless pace and energy all the way through. There’s an indefatigable rookie energy at play that makes for an easy, exciting listen. It reminds me of early Seventeen. AMPERS&ONE are here to put on a show, and I appreciate that spirit.

If On And On stumbles, it’s due to weaknesses in the song itself. I know I sound like a broken record, but this forceful production should have been anchored by stronger melodies. The chorus is nice — if a bit obvious — but the verses are a missed opportunity. They’re a mix of rap and brief, throwaway melodic segments that don’t add up to much of a memorable structure. The members’ enthusiasm compensates, and they land a few nice shots. But there are too many moments in On And On that feel like time-fillers. Thankfully, AMPERS&ONE unleash a crackling finale that sends the track out on a high. If they can build upon this style with stronger songcraft, they could be a very exciting prospect in the future.






Grade: B+

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