Song Review: Giuk (ONEWE) – Scratch

As ONEWE’s activities wind down, rapper/singer/producer Giuk (formerly known as CyA) has been steadily crafting a solo discography. I never wrote about his spring solo debut, but the dramatic teasers for Scratch (내 영혼에 낸) caught my attention. I appreciate the direction Giuk’s taking his music, even if the songs could stand to be more memorable.

Scratch has a very J-rock feel, emphasizing ornate arrangements stuffed with instrumental quirks and flare. Giuk has a remarkably solid singing voice despite being pigeonholed as the band’s rapper, and he attacks Scratch with plenty of gusto. I love the blend of aggressive guitar and plaintive piano. All that’s missing is a stronger set of melodies. The song is buoyed by its production, making me wonder how incredible Giuk could be with the right hooks in his arsenal. He seems on track to deliver that knockout punch sooner than later.






Grade: B-

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