Track Premiere: Carpool – “Can We Just Get High?”

If a quick look back at this year is any indication, fans of music that falls under the broad category of emo are working with an overabundance of “good shit,” as a handful of bands that put out fantastic records in 2018-2020 resurfaced with fantastic records again this year. A band who made waves with their 2020 release Erotic Nightmare Summer, Carpool has been consistently putting out top-tier emo for some years now, perfectly blending brutally blunt lyricism with some absolutely sick instrumentation (their most recent EP For Nasal Use Only is a nice little snapshot of how hard they can shred within the context of poppy and palatable tunes).

The group recently announced their jump from DIY greats Acrobat Unstable Records to the legendary SideOneDummy Records, and today they’re putting out their first tune from their upcoming album My Life In Subtitles (out March 22, 2024). “Can We Just Get High?” is a succinct distillation of what makes Carpool so worth your time. It hits immediately with a chorus that dispenses with metaphor as Stoph Colasanto spits out “love me / hate me / don’t care / can we just get high?” over guitars that sound so massive you can picture them layering a dozen tracks just for the refrain (not to mention the layers of background vocals). It’s all capped with a wicked guitar solo that walks the line between the frantic riffs we’re used to from Carpool and a smoother, almost classic rock feel—like if Dicky Betts accidentally took the wrong drugs before an Allman Brothers show.

You can check out “Can We Just Get High?” Below or wherever you stream music.

Can We Just Get High? by Carpool

Aaron Eisenreich | @slobboyreject

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