Video Premiere: Horrenda – “Handprints”

Not all raw black metal bands are content to remain in the tape-trading dungeons. There are those who seek to unleash their rampage on the world, reflecting the neurosis and madness they see around them. Ireland’s Horrenda fall squarely in the latter category, combining elements of raw aggression with a flair for experimentation and the unexpected. Decibel is happy to premiere the band’s video for “Handprints,” which shows the band’s raucous live atmosphere along with their undeniably catchy approach to black metal art. At the same time, it also shows clips of the band getting ready and geared up, an openness not typical of many black metal bands.

According to the band:

Horrenda have always aimed to be a mirror on our time and place within modern Ireland. Often looking back and using history to explain how we got here. Now, we’re looking at the psychology zeitgeist of 21st century Ireland and the true darkness that exists within.

The single is the band’s follow-up to 2021’s Oíche Shamhna (Live at The Grand Social). Check out the video below and revel in the band’s mix of black metal attack and hardcore atmosphere.

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