Full Album Stream: The Last Eon – “Infernal Fractality”

Industrial black metal is nothing new, but it remains a less-explored territory than its various stylistic cousins. It’s a challenging environment, as bands like Mysticum and Dødheimsgard loom large in the imaginations of black metal devotees. Nevertheless, there are a few acts out there willing to take up the concrete torch and forge into mysterious landscapes.

Norway’s The Last Eon is one such outfit, motivated by a mix of musical ambition and psychedelic inebriation. Decibel is happy to serve as an enabler and debut the new album, Infernal Fractality for your listening enjoyment. Plenty of stylistic hallmarks abound here, but the electronic aspects are less predictable, even resembling drum-and-bass at certain moments. No complaints from me, of course — it’s pretty neat to have black metal material that could fit well with Black Sun Empire and The Panacea. Likewise, there are other moments that distinctly recall Fear Factory and KMFDM as well, as well as synth-lines that simply come out of nowhere.

Ødemark, the project’s mastermind and primary songwriter, boldly states that:

“I wanted to push the limits of what extreme metal can be, and materialize a vision for the future of electronic black metal that required me to rebel against every single rule in my mind of what black metal is, to create what black metal can be. This included also the theme and lyrics, spreading awareness of the mind expanding psychedelic experiences and self exploration within the black metal culture.”

Listen to Infernal Fractality in its entirety below. The album comes out tomorrow via Soulseller Records.

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