Mastercard Gamer Academy Open for Submissions

In collaboration with G2 Esports and Riot Games, the Mastercard Gamer Academy is now open for submissions.

This program has been designed to provide 10 gamers the connections, mentorship and skill sets they need to pursue esports as a career, all while fostering a more inclusive gaming ecosystem.

Kicking off early next year, participants can get themselves all-expense paid trips to major esports events, including backstage access at the 2024 League of Legends World Championship, 2024 Valorant Champions, and the G2 Esports in Berlin.

Participants can also work with esports professionals like G2 Hel, Gozen and the men’s League of Legends and Valorant teams. There will also be In-person and digital sessions with notable mentors, with certain workshops focusing on mental health, resilience and allyship. Finally, there will be a comprehensive educational curriculum that covers brand engagement, marketing, content creation, and event execution.

According to Raja Rajamannar, Mastercard’s chief marketing and communications officer:

“As a global sponsor of some of the biggest, fastest-growing esports, we’ve seen firsthand the incredible passion gaming evokes among players and fans alike. With the Mastercard Gamer Academy, we celebrate the incredible growth of esports—and we are proud to invest in gaming’s dynamic and diverse future.”Raja Rajamannar

Romain Bigeard, General Manager of League of Legends at G2 Esports, said the following:

“Our strength in esports is our community, and how we stand together for the love of the game. The Mastercard Gamer Academy is an extension of this community, bringing people together for a program unlike any other. The Academy is designed to cover all areas of esports to highlight different career paths in the industry. We want to give the participants, as well as people watching at home, the opportunity to gain experience and learn from some of the most talented and well-respected people in the industry. Our goal is to create a clearer pathway to a career in esports, to inspire and motivate people looking to launch their career.”Romain Bigeard

Source: Press Release
In collaboration with G2 Esports and Riot Games, the Mastercard Gamer Academy is now open for submissions.
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