Song Review: Soyeon x Winter x Liz – Nobody

It’s not often that K-pop releases collaborations between its major agencies, but Nobody sees representative artists from SM Entertainment, Cube Entertainment and Starship Entertainment come together to deliver a theme for Busan’s bid to host the World Expo 2030. I didn’t know these things warranted a theme song, but I’m glad to have Nobody regardless of its purpose.

Nobody brings together (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon, aespa’s Winter and IVE’s Liz on a smooth, funky track that feels more straightforward than the work of their respective groups. It’s a breezy good time, not particularly ambitious but enjoyable in its simplicity. The groovy instrumental enlists plenty of rhythm guitar to accent its chugging drive, while brassy flourishes highlight the chorus.

The three performers compliment each other well, blending into one cohesive unit rather than stealing attention as individuals. Their performances feel more subdued than usual, focused on serving the song rather than offering show-stopping moments of vocal or rap prowess. In this way, the whole thing is a bit too workmanlike to stand out. But given its purpose, I’m not surprised all the edges have been rounded to minimize polarization. It all results in a product that’s enjoyable in the moment but unlikely to ignite many sparks in the long run.






Grade: B-

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