SPOILER: Here Are Decibel’s Top 40 Albums of 2023

Most readers and subscribers do not have the January 2024 issue of Decibel yet. But we all know that someone is gonna post the Top 40 Albums of the Year somewhere online. For the last decade, we’ve been forced to beat them to the punch. So, if you’re actually a Decibel subscriber and prefer remaining in suspense until the USPS gets their shit together, please read no further!

For the rest of you still here, there are three key things to consider since we began this annual tradition 19 years ago: 1) Yes, we know it’s November; don’t make me explain how print deadlines work and or remind you of our access to advance music. 2) The list is still a reflection of the diverse tastes of nearly three dozen members of the Decibel staff, and 3) at least one of your favorite albums from this past year is likely not included. I can confidently state the second point because my album of the year isn’t here. Unlike me, at least you can complain about it on the internet. Anyway, here we go! —Albert Mudrian

40 Dødheimsgard, Black Medium Current, Peaceville

39 Kommodus, Wreath of Bleeding Snowfall, GoatowaRex

38 Street Tombs, Reclusive Decay, Carbonized

37 Obituary, Dying of Everything, Relapse

36 Fires in the Distance, Air Not Meant for Us, Prosthetic

35 Witching, Incendium, Translation Loss

34 Circle of Ouroborus, Lumi Vaientaa Kysymykset, His Wounds

33 Cattle Decapitation, Terrasite, Metal Blade

32 Final Gasp, Mourning Moon, Relapse

31 Spirit Adrift, Ghost at the Gallows, Century Media

30 Krigsgrav, Fires in the Fall, Wise Blood

29 Will Haven, VII, Minus Head

28 Smoulder, Violent Creed of Vengeance, Cruz del Sur

27 Kruelty, Untopia, Profound Lore

26 Night Demon, Outsider, Century Media

25 Incantation, Unholy Deification, Relapse

24 Filth Is Eternal, Find Out, MNRK

23 Cannibal Corpse, Chaos Horrific, Metal Blade

22 Great Falls, Objects Without Pain, Neurot

21 Krieg, Ruiner, Profound Lore

20 Rid of Me, Access to the Lonely, Knife Hits

19 Mizmor, Prosaic, Profound Lore

18 Autopsy, Ashes, Organs, Blood and Crypts, Peaceville

17 Cruciamentum, Obsidian Refractions, Profound Lore

16 Tribunal, The Weight of Remembrance, 20 Buck Spin

15 The Night Eternal, Fatale, Ván

14 Enslaved, Heimdal, Nuclear Blast

13 Gel, Only Constant, Convulse

12 Enforced, War Remains, Century Media

11 Blackbraid, Blackbraid II, Self-released

10 The Keening, Little Bird, Relapse

9 Thantifaxath, Hive Mind Narcosis, Dark Descent

8 Frozen Soul, Glacial Domination, Century Media

7 Lamp of Murmuur, Saturnian Bloodstorm, Argento

6 Panopticon, The Rime of Memory, Bindrune

5 Godthrymm, Distrortions, Profound Lore

4 Jesus Piece, …So Unknown, Century Media

3 Wayfarer, American Gothic, Profound Lore

2 Tomb Mold, The Enduring Spirit, 20 Buck Spin

1 Horrendous, Ontological Mysterium, Season of Mist

Now, if you’d actually like to read editorial on these releases (for, you know, context), interviews with the artists who rank near and at the top of the list as well as dozens of entertaining, contributor-conceived year-end Top 5 lists, a cover story on Panopticon  and a Hall of Fame on Cathedral’s  major label doom metal classic The Ethereal Mirror, you can grab a copy of the full issue here. It comes with an exclusive new Vastum flexi disc.

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