Streaming: Hyperia Make Bolder, Darker Thrashier Moves with New Album The Serpent’s Cycle

We first introduced you to Vancouver’s Hyperia back in 2022 on the occasion of their second album, Silhouettes of Horror here. Since then the band has been keeping busy doing what bands do between necking beers: playing shows, writing new material, dealing with the stress of replacing members, making the necessary creative and personal adjustments and releasing new music. In the case of the quintet’s latest, The Serpent’s Cycle, there’s definitely a noticeably darker, more technical and some might even say European moon on the rise as an intense adjunct to their allegiance to thrash metal that can start circle pits and dust off beer bongs at twenty paces. Today, we present a stream of said new album for you and your ears to pay witness to the band’s growth towards the more involved and acerbic side of the spectrum in light of (or maybe because of) hard times. Says the group statement about the new record:

“We are super proud and excited to release our new album The Serpent’s Cycle on November 17th. We went through some fairly major line-up changes leading up to the recording of this album, which resulted in hiring a session drummer along with [guitarist] Colin Ryley recording all the guitar parts. It allowed for a tighter sound overall and the aggression of each instrument stands out. This album was a big turning point and new era for the band, but we feel this album has the strongest songs we’ve put out to date and can’t wait to share it with you all! With a new album and a new official line-up comprised of top-tier musicians, prepare for a new onslaught of melodic thrash metal!”

The Serpent’s Cycle by Hyperia






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