How To Complete Quest 002 In Persona 5 Tactica

Quest 002 tasks you with stealing classified info in a challenging side quest. This guide on How To Complete Quest 002 In Persona 5 Tactica provides a quick and simple method to solve this side quest so you can complete the objective and move on.

How To Complete Quest 2 In Persona 5 Tactica

There are likely multiple ways to solve this but the fastest method we found was to equip the main character with any of the push skills. The Sweep ability on Persona attacks allows the user to push a target back, you’re going to need one of those on your main character. They are not difficult to find early.

Once you have that, start the mission. On the main character, walk up to the two enemies standing side by side. Use a basic attack to knock them both to the area down below, next to the crates. Then, still using the main character, drop down the ladder and use a Persona ability with Sweep to knock the enemy to the other side of the crates.

Then return to the starting character. Move her forward as far as you can and shoot the first enemy, this grants a One More. Then run down the ladder and shoot the enemy near the crates, for another One More. Then, using as much movement as you can, hug the left wall and use her Persona ability to attack the enemy on the platform above, this grants another One More.

Then, using all her movement again, move forward and turn to use the gun on the enemy the main character pushed over the boxes. This grants your final One More and enough movement to reach the end.

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