Song Review: ZEROBASEONE – Melting Point

ZEROBASEONE’s Crush has grown on me a lot over the past few weeks, so much so that I hardly notice the momentum-shifting chant at its centerpiece. But for those who would prefer something a little smoother, the group has released a music video for the album’s opening track, Melting Point.

This is much more in line with what I’d expect from ZEROBASEONE. Their vocals sound fantastic on these kind of light, airy pop tracks. On first listen, Melting Point didn’t stand out much — more pleasant background music than show-stopping single — but it’s hard to resist its gentle bounce. The percussion has an interesting structure, giving the track a halting rhythm that compliments the weightless synths. I think the agency is calling this “Jersey Club,” but the light, minimalist sound almost feels like lounge music.

Whatever it is, Melting Point makes for a fun winter single. I really like the melodies in the verses. They don’t always go where I expect them to, which adds a welcome spike of interest to a song that might otherwise feel flat. And above all else, Melting Point has a welcome sense of coziness that will play well throughout the holidays.






Grade: B

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