Song Review: Puzzle – Savior

Useless fact of the day: if you run a google image search for “Puzzle – Savior,” you get a bunch of reeeaaally creepy Jesus puzzle designs. I know you could technically search with the group’s name in Hangul, but given K-pop’s ever-increasing global presence it always surprises me what monikers an agency chooses to bestow upon its talents.

Savior marks Korean-Japanese project group Puzzle’s debut and gives them a peppy instrumental to work with. The song is a bit of everything and can’t seem to sit still long enough to develop a clear personality. We’ve got creepy “la di di da” sections colliding with upbeat bubblegum refrains, resounding drumline percussion and the occasional energy-shifting rap verse. There’s even a small moment that sounds identical to an early-career Lovelyz track! It’s a lot to take in and might have been more successful if anchored by a series of bulletproof melodies. Instead, Savior is your requisite girl group stomper — high on verve but lacking the extra spark that crafts a classic. Hopefully for their follow-up, the producers will extract just one or two elements from this track and develop them into something special.






Grade: C

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