Blast Worship: Feind

Where they from?
Bochum, Germany.
Man, I’m sick of talking about sports here, let’s talk about politics instead! [Watches 30 seconds of CNN], OK, you know what? Probably not a good idea either. Uh, uh, Thanksgiving is this Thursday! Any big plans? I’m gonna eat lots of food with my family and then, ah shit, watch sports. I need new hobbies. Is it a red flag for a man in his mid-30 to get really into kite-flying?

Why the hype?
I was greatly surprised when I saw that Fiend had a new album. The Oakland duo was one of my absolute favorites from the early 2010’s and hadn’t released anything new since 2016. But then to my surprise I realized this was Feind, not Fiend. But fortunately, they’re pretty good, too! Think Rotten Sound but with somehow faster drumming and a bit more of a modern punch. This begs the question though, do they reverse all their I’s and E’s in Germany? Is friend friend? Someone Google it, I’m too lazy.

Latest Release?
Moloch out not on Halenoise Records. Seriously though, the drumming is crazy on this record, to the point where I thought at first it might be a drum machine, it’s that inhuman. If only I could play that fast, but, alas, I am just a lonely boy doomed to fly his kite in the cold November rain. Remember that video? By Guns N’ Roses? Ah, we have fun around here, don’t we?

Moloch by Feind

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