Song Review: VIXX – Amnesia

With long-awaited returns from second and early-third gen boy groups SHINee, Infinite, EXO, Teen Top and U-Kiss, 2023 has been a dream for us older K-pop fans. Or rather, it would have been a dream if the majority of these comebacks hadn’t underwhelmed to various degrees. Seriously, I’m not sure how 2023 messed this up so badly. Now, one half of VIXX throws their hat in the ring with their first group comeback since 2018. Did they manage to beat the 2023 curse?

Well, I imagine fans of certain VIXX eras will be pleased. Amnesia feels like an extension of the moody fare the group has dabbled in post-2016. However, I happen to prefer their pre-2016 work, which married high drama to equally robust melodies and dynamic arrangements. Amnesia brings in plenty of satisfying elements (especially the distorted guitar), but the song itself is too dirge-like to ignite many sparks. It’s pretty rare for a song with this energy to appeal to me, and I realize that’s completely subjective. But without a unique and interesting melody, there’s nothing to compensate for the draggy tempo.

Amnesia‘s bright spot lies in its vocal performance. VIXX are currently down to three members (Leo, Ken & Hyuk), but they bring the necessary firepower. Even if the song doesn’t offer much for them to sink their teeth into, the guys relish every second and pull the most they can from the material they’re given. That’s a sign of an excellent group. Now they just need excellent material to compliment those strengths.






Grade: C

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