Track Premiere: Gaswar – “Terrible Day to Have Eyes”

Years after its original recording, Gaswar are finally unveiling their debut record recorded back in the ’90s, Girl Vanishes On Way To Jive Bar, and have shared the single “Terrible Day to Have Eyes” before its release.

Bassist Kevin Rutmanis says, “The line ‘you’re breakable, you’re a breakable thing’ was inspired by Andrea Dworkin talking about being assaulted as a child in one of her essays. ‘Welcome to the prison of my mind’ refers to how we get obsessed, sometimes about terrible things, and that those are’“terrible days to have eyes’ and to see all this shit.”

The band is also comprised of Apollo Liftoff and Jeff Mooridian, both members of the bands Hammerhead and Vaz, and Rutmanis was once bassist of The Melvins, Cows, and more. The supergroup recorded one album that never saw the light of day and then parted ways. Now, for the first time, Girl Vanishes On Way to Jive Bar will be out December 8 via Rock Is Hell.

While the music has a distinct late-’90’s sound, it’s clear that the record also stands the test of time. This song is powerful and sad while also channeling some of the mathy, noisy weirdness this band and the associated projects are known for. We’re excited for the record to drop and to see what’s to come from the band.

Girl Vanishes on Way To Jive Club by gaswar

Preorder the album here.

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