Full Album Stream: Misanthrophi – “Principles of Cosmicism and Decimation”

Are you into techy and experimental death metal, but wish more bands would incorporate melodic and heroic riffing into the chaos? Then fear not, friends, Mexico’s Misanthrophi is here to become your new favorite band. On the band’s latest album, Principles of Cosmicism and Decimation, the band exhibits a dazzling level of technical ability and couples it with a mind for irresistible hooks. Every instrument is doing some cool on this album, including vocalist Carlos Avilés, who uses a vocal technique that reminds me of Hypocrisy and At the Gates but still doesn’t quiet resemble anything I’ve heard before. For this and many other reasons, Decibel is pleased to provide the album streaming in full.

According to Antonio Ortiz, the band’s main songwriter and instrumentalist:

“This album is a direct continuation of our previous work, with some songs started before the first album was finished. Our goal was not only to replicate the previous sound, but to create a more solid and aggressive style while maintaining the essence of Misanthrophi. From the beginning, we have sought the aggressive sound of the original melodic death metal of the 90s, although we have adopted some modern influences that cannot be denied. The signature death metal instrument lineup with high tempos and consistent rhythms has been maintained, and the theme and lyrics have solidified around cosmic annihilation, chaos, randomness, and absurdity.”

By the way, I like the band’s choice in album art — blending the famous arched structure of the library of Trinity College in Dublin with astrological imagery — as it lends itself to though-provoking questions, much like the music on the record itself.

Stream the album below. The band will be releasing the album this Friday, and you can find pre-order information here (heh, they priced it at the angel number of 618, very cool).

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