Song Review: Dreamcatcher – OOTD

Dreamcatcher have become known as one of the most reliably solid girl groups of their generation, sticking with their rock influences through thick and thin. And although I often state my wish for them to incorporate more electronic sounds into their title tracks (their EDM b-sides are always fantastic), I can’t fault them for continuing to develop their signature sound.

New single OOTD takes a bit of a swerve. It retains many rock elements but incorporates rhythms more familiar to other idol groups. In many ways, it feels like their stab at a (G)I-DLE track. Its scuzzy guitars underpin a surprising amount of “look how badass I am” sing-talking. I wouldn’t have expected this from Dreamcatcher, and that jolt of surprise is enough to make OOTD a fascinating attempt. However, once you get over the novelty of hearing the group play in this musical realm, the song’s shortcomings become clearer.

While the production aims for some kind of late-90’s, post-electronica grunge, OOTD‘s messy structure can’t find a hook strong enough to compliment this atmosphere. Dreamcatcher songs are usually anchored by incredible choruses, and that element is missing here. Instead, the track indulges in a series of energy-shifting breakdowns that give it a herky-jerking feeling. It’s a difficult song to get into and lacks the kind of climax that rewards repeated plays. Still, it’s cool to hear a group attempt this sound without the affected brattiness that often goes along with it.






Grade: C+

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