Song Review: Fantasy Boys – Potential

I must have been in a grumpy mood on the day of Fantasy Boys’ September debut because I definitely under-rated New Tomorrow. That song was never going to change the idol industry or become a year-end highlight, but its frothy pop sound stood the test of time. However, the guys have switched gears entirely for follow-up Potential, taking a darker, more sensual turn.

I’m not a big fan of drastic sonic shifts, especially so early in a group’s career. Potential has a lot of… well… potential — especially when it really gets going for its pulsing finale. If this energy had sustained throughout the entire track, we may have had a big highlight on our hands. However, I find Potential too languid for too long. Even as it speeds into its first instrumental drop, the propulsion feels short-lived. Coupled with a gimmicky whistle loop, the first two-thirds of the song struggle to appeal. Then, the track makes a transformation for the better. It’s like an experienced remixer came in to expand upon Potential‘s strongest elements. As much as this late-song shift salvages things, it also makes me long for what might have been.






Grade: C

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