Song Review: MCND – Odd-Venture

MCND have had a mixed bag of title tracks so far, but their bright energy often carries the day. New single Odd-Venture follows June’s Pop Star, but feels more in line with their 2022 album. It’s not as unhinged or catchy as their best material, even if the bluesy stomp of its instrumental ignites a few sparks.

The guys are still operating in the ever-popular shout-chant realm of boy group fare (there’s even a nostalgic “skrrt” buried in the second verse!), but it’s augmented by a decent chorus that compliments the guitar elements of the production. I like the big, clap-along energy of this centerpiece. It has a sense of expansiveness that feels suited to stadiums. I wouldn’t call it super-melodic, but at least it brings the energy.

Even so, I feel like there are so many boy group songs of a similar tempo and execution. It takes a very special element or melody to stand out and Odd-Venture is solid but unextraordinary all the way through. It keeps MCND’s rambunctious discography chugging along, but they have much more addictive songs within their arsenal.






Grade: C+

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