Song Review: Bang Yedam – Only One

A couple weeks after dropping pre-release ballad Miss You, former Treasure member Bang Yedam has returned with his first solo album. Title track Only One (하나만 해) puts a bit more bounce in his step, recalling K-R&B hitmakers Zion.T and Crush.

This musical lane fits Yedam and feels authentic to the style he’d prefer. I’m all for artists doing what they want to do, even if our personal tastes might not match. Only One is a pleasant bop, driven by a laidback groove that occasionally crests into something more. The song is at its best when it embraces dramatic storytelling, infusing its instrumental with guitar and strings. This compensates for a melody that’s not quite sticky enough to work.

There’s a rugged, offhand approach to Only One‘s hooks that makes the track feel conversational. I like this as songwriting technique, and Yedam certainly has the vocal color to pull it off. However, I wish more of the song sounded like verse two, which utilizes an addictive stomp to build energy.






Grade: C+

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