Song Review: Fantasy Boys – Get It On

Fantasy Boys need better promotion behind their comebacks. I had no idea they were releasing an album or that this album would include two title tracks. K-pop releases are all about their roll-out. Build the hype, guys!

Get It On is far more boisterous than yesterday’s Potential, bursting out of the gate with a rugged electronic beat and plenty of energy. This is usually a recipe for success when it comes to boy group bangers, yet I’m still struggling to embrace Fantasy Boys’ sound. Maybe I’ve just become allergic to groups of boys shouting in unison, and much of Get It On‘s singing feels more like chanting. In fact, there’s not much melodic heft to be found here at all. The first half of each chorus is nice, but even these moments are delivered with a sneer rather than a flourish.

When it comes down to it, dance tracks of this nature benefit from a clean, crisp execution. Too much of Get It On feels messy and overly busy when it should be sleek and impactful. It’s a shame, because there are many fantastic ingredients thrown into the mix and this kind of song would usually appeal to me.






Grade: C

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