Song Review: iii – Forbidden Midnight

Is iii’s Forbidden Midnight the most K-pop song to ever K-pop?

I ask this knowing that K-pop — at its best — goes far beyond the easy critiques lodged at the industry from people who’ve never actually listened to the music or engaged in the fandom. But boy, does a pre-release like this give fuel to the haters.

First off, iii are a real group of women subjected to a ridiculous level of facial filtering/editing to make them look like uncanny valley AI. Can you imagine debuting in a group only to have your face hidden behind computer-generated trickery? Heavy make-up is one thing. Enhancing existing features is commonplace. This AI approach takes things to a whole new level.

Second, the song itself is largely an interpolation of Edvard Grieg’s Hall of the Mountain King, placed over a thumping dance beat. I guess it’s one step up from a nursery rhyme, but that’s not saying much. The whole thing just feels cynical and sad, devoid of warmth or personality. I want to believe the industry is better than this.






Grade: F

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