Best Christmas Gifts For Gamers 2023 – Unique Video Games

Picking out the perfect Christmas gift for your gaming loved ones is no easy feat, made near impossible with 2023’s fantastic launch calendar. In this Best Christmas Gifts For Gamers 2023 breakdown we cover some of the more unique and creative video games from the last 12 months.

Our Best Christmas Gifts For Gamers 2023 for unique video games will have just the thing to surprise and delight even the most hardcore gamer.*

Fate/Samurai Remnant

The Fate series has a rich history spanning multiple forms of media, but longtime fans will be able to experience a whole new take on the series with the release of Omega Force, Kou Shibusawa, Aniplex, Type-Moon, and Koei Tecmo’s Fate/Samurai Remnant.

Players will be able to experience A Holy Grail War during 1651 Keian-era Japan to secure the Waxing Moon Vessel. As players control Miyamoto Iori and his Servant, they’ll be able to take part in hack-and-slash gameplay with dodging and deep gameplay. Anime fans, musou fans, or those looking for a unique experience will fall in love with Fate/Samurai Remnant.

Fate/Samurai Remnant is a great palate cleanser after all the massive games of 2023. Fans of either the Fate series or Musou games shouldn’t hesitate to check this one out.Fate/Samurai Remnant Review, Johnny Hurricane

Fate/Samurai Remnant is available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Purchasing options can be found on the official Koei Tecmo website.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Team Reptile manages to stand out from the rest of the pack once more with the release of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

Combining skating, BMX riding, graffiti, tricks, and street culture, this title has players gaining REP as they hit the streets of New Amsterdam as part of the Bomb Rush Crew. The city is yours to explore, filled with funky vibes and infectious energy that’ll stick with you long after DJ Cyber is taken down.

While it wears its inspiration on its sleeve, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk manages to evoke a style all its own with its always-stylish REP. For those pining for days gone by – or for those looking for something funky and fresh – be sure to hit the streets of New Amsterdam.Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Review, Casey Scheld

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Purchasing options can be found on the official iam8bit website.


Released at the beginning of the year, Tango Gameworks and Bethesda Softworks combine the rhythm genre with the world of hack-and-slash titles in Hi-Fi RUSH.

Players will follow the story of wannabe rocker Chai as they take on Vandelay Industries in a world filled with sweet, sweet tunes. However, players must attack to the beat, leading to parrying, fighting, and action that encourages a keen ear. Of course, the game’s a stylish one too, featuring timeless cel-shaded graphics filled with plenty of charm.

Hi-Fi Rush is a stone-cold stunner, one with gameplay in lockstep with the beat. While finding one’s groove takes some getting used to, those with a keen ear will be in tune in no time flat.Hi-Fi RUSH Review, Casey Scheld

Hi-Fi RUSH is available for the Xbox Series X|S and PC. Purchasing options can be found on the official Bethesda website.

Moving Out 2

Friends usually have to coax their friends to move with beer and pizza, but SMG Studio, Devm Games, and Team17’s Moving Out 2 will encourage friends to help with moving.

This party game has players moving appliances, furniture, and countless other objects as part of F.A.R.T. No need to be gentle; as long as it gets to its designated spot, anything goes. This is far from a simple operation; worlds get more extravagant and silly as time goes on. For those looking to cause havoc, Moving Out 2 will be a hit at your next shindig.

Between its humor and its off-the-wall action, Moving Out 2 is sure to be a hit at one’s next shindig. Those flying solo will have fun, but be sure to bring a friend or three along to get the best Smooth Moves experience.Moving Out 2 Review, Casey Scheld

Moving Out 2 is available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Purchasing options can be found on the official Moving Out 2 website.

* NOTE: We did not use affiliate links in our Holiday Buyer’s Guide 2023; we just love to get the word out about great games!
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