Song Review: BABYMONSTER – Batter Up

It’s been over seven years since YG Entertainment debuted a girl group. This is the agency that gave us 2NE1 and BLACKPINK, so when it comes to new projects expectations will always be high. BABYMONSTER has been teased for quite a long time, further heightening curiosity as we approached their long-awaited debut date. So, why does digital single Batter Up feel so underwhelming?

YG Entertainment needs to learn some new tricks, or maybe just hire some new writers. Their music has become a parody of itself, which describes Batter Up pretty well. There’s nothing in this song — not a single thing — that hasn’t already been exhausted by BLACKPINK and 2NE1 before them. I could tell you exactly how Batter Up would sound before even hearing it. From beats to structure to cadence, it’s the YG house style to a tee. I guess we can applaud them for loyalty to their brand, but this doesn’t make for exciting music.

Because of this, the question becomes: is Batter Up an above or below average example of this predictable template? To answer, we must look at each of its elements. The production is rather boring, so that works against its favor. The braggadocios lyrical content is often cringy (“sting like a bee”? “I’m a boss baby”? Really?), so that’s another point against it. The second verse rap is fine, and what we hear from the girls’ vocals sounds promising. However, the dull “batter, batter up” chorus is so low-effort I can barely believe the agency went with it, and the requisite tempo change at Batter Up‘s climax fails to wring extra excitement from the track.

Add it all up and you’ve got a non-starter, regurgitating the most tired elements from the agency’s depleted supply of ideas. Despite the baseball-themed title, BABYMONSTER have not come out swinging. Here’s hoping we get stronger music in the future, but it’s hard to be optimistic given YG’s track record.






Grade: D+

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