Song Review: ATBO – Must Have Love

This year’s been light on original K-pop holiday carols so far, but I guess we’re just now knocking on December’s door. Rookies ATBO have made an early-career bid for winter ubiquity, releasing a single album themed to the season. Must Have Love checks off all the Christmassy tropes, bounding along a sleighbell-assisted beat.

At its best, the track is amiable holiday fluff, cresting in a familiar, sing-along chorus that could have been released any time in the past thirty years to the same effect. The attempt to shoehorn in rap during the verses is less successful, with the changes in production feeling chintzy. It’s a mixed bag for sure, but it’s hard to be upset over something so cheerful.

EDIT: I just learned that this is a remake of an older song. My thoughts about this version still stand.






Grade: C

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