Song Review: Nam Woohyun (Infinite) – Baby Baby

Upon the release of his first full album, fans are reeling at the revelation that Nam Woohyun was secretly battling a rare form of cancer earlier this year. Beyond the sheer ache we all feel for his struggle, I can’t help but admire his bravery in the face of a life-altering diagnosis. It’s impossible not to imbue this new music with an extra depth and catharsis — even a track as toe-tapping and upbeat as Baby Baby.

Thankfully, Woohyun is now in the recovery stage and has seemingly chosen music as his therapeutic output. Baby Baby‘s old-fashioned crooning is buoyed by an optimistic energy. Its musical roots are strongly tethered to the stately sound of 80’s city pop, but the execution feels even older than that. From vocal performance to music video, Baby Baby has the presence of an old-school movie musical, anchored by theatrical flourishes and a full-throated melody that soars in all the right places.

By his own admission, Woohyun’s voice is not yet where it used to be. This may explain the subdued nature of Infinite’s comeback earlier in the year. But if I hadn’t known the backstory, I’m not sure I’d be able to spot any limitations in Baby Baby. His tone remains velvety and confident and although their aren’t any aggressively huge power notes, he expertly navigates the climactic moments of the song. We’re so lucky to join this victory lap with him. Hopefully, it’ll be the first of many celebrations.






Grade: B+

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