Song Review: DKB – What The Hell

DKB are at a transitional moment, recently losing member Teo after a drunk driving incident. No one could blame them for being upset, and the aggressive energy of What The Hell seems to channel that feeling.

Most of this song is boy-group-by-the-numbers, unveiling a mixture of crooning and bad boy rapping over a rugged beat. But then we reach the chorus and things begin to feel more meme than song. I’ll admit to laughing the first time I heard the “what the hell” hook, which is clearly not the song’s intention. It’s used more sparingly than anticipated — a smart move, for sure.

Given a more idiosyncratic touch, What The Hell‘s herky-jerky beat might hold great appeal. As it stands, the track feels like DKB’s attempt at a rugged NCT style. They pull it off, but I’ve long since lost interest in this sound.






Grade: C

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