Song Review: MAVE: – What’s My Name

I just can’t with these “virtual” groups. I’m already irritated by how industry titans like HYBE use effects to strip away all character from their artists’ voices, slowing turning K-pop idols into pretty, performing robots. But crafting an entire group from CGI is another level entirely. With so many acts already vying for attention, I don’t see why anyone would opt for a fancy cartoon (unless the music was reeeeaaaaally good).

What’s My Name is not really good. Just as the avatars who perform it, the track is generic enough to feel like an AI-composed facsimile. You can almost hear the pieces of other artists fed into the algorithm. A little BLACKPINK here, a little Red Velvet there. Whoever they’ve got performing the track does a fine job (Google pulls up Tyra Banks as the group’s rapper, which… I don’t think is accurate), but behind the dull glaze of CGI eyes these vocals lose all connection.

If K-pop must venture down this virtual world, they should leverage the expansive potential of animation to deliver music and visuals that are truly out of this world and not simply bare minimum, boiler-plate idol pop.






Grade: C-

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