Best Christmas Gifts For Gamers 2023 – For Movie Lovers

Picking out the perfect Christmas gift for your gaming loved ones is no easy feat, made near impossible with 2023’s fantastic launch calendar. In this Best Christmas Gifts For Gamers 2023 breakdown, we cover the best movie tie-ins that will immerse players into their favorite flicks.*

RoboCop: Rogue City

Players will be able to protect and serve with an action-packed trip to Old Detroit in Teyon and Nacon’ RoboCop: Rogue City.

This action-adventure title isn’t a simple retread; players will experience an original story set between RoboCop 2 and 3 that tells of “Project Afterlife.” With their signature Auto 9 in hand (complete with unlimited ammo), players can join Anne Lewis as they dish out justice. This love-letter even has Peter Weller reprising his role as RoboCop – just the thing for longtime fans.

RoboCop Rogue City pays homage to its source material like no other. A faithful recreation of a beloved character and world over 30 years in the making. At its core, it’s a fantastic over-the-top 80s action shooter but dig a little deeper and you’ll find a dark, dystopian tale of man and machine more relevant today than ever.RoboCop: Rogue City Review, Blaine Smith

RoboCop: Rogue City is available for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. Purchasing options can be found on the official RoboCop Rogue City website.

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed

After previously working with the Predator franchise, Illfonic proves that they’re not afraid of no ghosts with the release of Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed.

Allowing teams of four to live out their ghostbusting dreams, players can track down ghosts in the ultimate game of hide-and-seek as they take on different jobs as a new recruit. Feeling a bit more sinister? Players can also choose to designate somebody as a ghost to terrorize other players in its asynchronous multiplayer. No matter what role one chooses, ghosting will make them feel good.

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Purchasing options can be found on the official Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed website.

Hogwarts Legacy

The wizarding world awaits with the release of Avalanche Studios and WB Games’ Hogwarts Legacy.

Set before the books and movies in the 1800s, players will be able to enter the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and immerse themselves in this open world. Everything Potterheads have come to know and love can be done in this title, from choosing one’s house to making impromptu trips to Hogsmeade. For those that can’t get enough Harry Potter, this is your game.

Hogwarts Legacy is available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Purchasing options can be found on the official Hogwarts Legacy website.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

For those eagerly awaiting the next entry in the Spider-Verse animated movie series, Insomniac Games and PlayStation Studios are here to bridge the gap with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

The multiple Spider-Man (Spider-Men?) are here, with both Peter Parker and Miles Morales as playable characters with countless suits to match. Kraven the Hunter and the Venom symbiote also make an appearance in a New York City that’s just waiting to be explored. No matter what one chooses, players will really feel like Spider-Man (too easy).

Purchasing options for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 can be found on the official PlayStation website.

* NOTE: We did not use affiliate links in our Best Christmas Gifts For Gamers 2023 guide; we just love to get the word out about great games!
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