My Top 5 Performances of the 2023 Melon Music Awards

While I don’t really watch any Korean award shows anymore, this year’s Melon Music Awards had a more exciting line-up than MAMA so I had to at least check out the performances. As expected, there were a few real standouts.

Apart from this list, I also liked the new stage mix for ZEROBASEONE but didn’t think the version of IVE’s I Am worked despite the song itself being fantastic.

Note: Most of these performances were part of longer medleys not yet uploaded on the official YouTube channel. I perused the longer versions, but luckily most of the biggest highlights are already available.

5. NCT Dream – Broken Melodies

When a song is this suited to arenas, you don’t really need a new mix. This was part of a multi-song set, which is included in the unofficial video below (that will likely get removed from YouTube eventually…). But they kicked off with their best material.

4. BOYNEXTDOOR – But Sometimes

I’m in love with this mix of the song (except for the way-too-slow dance breakdown).

3. aespa – Drama

I still don’t love Drama, but this completely over-the-top remix and staging made it into a real event. The final moments are pretty epic.

2. SHINee – Medley

Just SHINee blitzing through a medley of four of the best K-pop songs ever. No big deal, right? I could happily sit through three hours of this.
(The songs needed more time to breathe, though)

1. RIIZE – Get A Guitar

A live band version? A solo electric guitar intro? Multiple dance breaks? Way to make an excellent song even better!

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