Photography + Review: Andrew McMahon, Michigander, Wildermiss

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness are making their way around the United States this winter in support of their latest release, Tilt at the Wind No More and we got to catch their stop in Boston.

Colorado three piece Wildermiss opened the night with a thirty-minute set that allowed them to show the audience what they brought to the table.A mix of indie rock with roaring synths overcame the crowd as we stepped into the world of Wildermiss.

Next up was Michigander who are solidifying themselves as the forefront of the pop rock genre since their 2021 EP Everything Will Be Okay Eventually. Despite the band coming down with a cold, they packed a punch into their ten song setlist that grabbed the crowd’s attention.

Andrew McMahon kicked off his set by walking through the crowd and singing “Nobody Tells You When You’re Young”. By the end of the first song, Andrew had made his way to the stage where the stage design was revealed to be a summer camp. Wasting no time, Andrew jumped into the Jack’s Mannequin mega hit “The Mixed Tape”. In true Jack’s Mannequin fashion, he climbed on top of his piano to gaze at the entirety of the crowd in front of him. Soon after this throwback track was finished, Andrew thanked the audience for the continued support over the years throughout every iteration of his two decade career in music. Despite this tour celebrating Tilt at the Wind No More, Andrew made sure to balance the setlist with old and new. After digging into their latest album further with the songs “Stars” and “Smoke & Ribbons”,  we got to hear “I’m Ready ”, “Holiday From Real”, and “Dark Blue”.  To close out his 18 song setlist, he pulled three fans on stage to sing “La La Lie” with him – except Andrew wasn’t planning to stay on the stage. Soon after bringing the fans up, an enormous pool float was brought out and he told the crowd that a drink was waiting for him at the soundboard. He crowd surfed on the float from the stage to the soundboard and back successfully! After his successful journey across the venue, the band thanked the crowd and left the stage but it wasn’t long before they returned for a three song encore. Song one of this three song encore was the Something Corporate favorite “Konstantine” followed by “New Friends” and “Cecelia and the Satellite.” This was a remarkable performance on all fronts and we encourage everyone to see Andrew McMahon on this tour. Tickets for these shows can be found HERE. Our photographer Kyle was at the Boston date to capture the night and you can check out his pictures below!


Kyle Musser//@godvfwine




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