Song Review: Lucy – Boogie Man

With new single Boogie Man, Lucy proudly continue K-pop’s tradition of releasing songs with a great Halloween theme long after the holiday has passed. There’s nothing like a little spookiness alongside your winter lights, right? But regardless of Boogie Man‘s musical tone, it’s nice to hear the group stretch themselves and tackle something with more aggressive energy.

This is Lucy’s most theatrical title track in awhile, utilizing their violin calling card to add extra mood and texture. Boogie Man has a madcap energy, sprinkled with flourishes of keys and swirling, funhouse strings. The song itself isn’t quite as exciting as the overall energy, but there’s no denying the group deliver it with flair. It’s fun to hear Sangyeop attack the more confrontational peaks of the track, but Boogie Man is equally interesting during its quieter moments of build.

With this said, I still think Lucy are most successful when delivering sweeping musical statements with anthemic choruses. Songs like Boogie Man display their versatility, but simply can’t compete with A+ material like Flare and Snooze.






Grade: B

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