Song Review: STAYC – Lit

STAYC’s had a pretty strong year, though their music has shifted toward poppier sounds. For those unsure about this transformation, new Japanese single Lit references an energy more akin to their debut year. It’s subdued and quirky, eschewing the bright tones of tracks like Teddy Bear and Bubble.

The group pull off this sound well and could easily compete in the NewJeans era of cool understatement if they’d like. I hope they don’t go down this route, as every other K-pop girl group seems to have their eyes on the same prize. Lit is an interesting pop bauble, but there’s not much about it that grabs me. Its pulsing chorus has potential if the producers had gone weirder with the vocal effects and synth tones. It would be fun to hear a group like STAYC attempt Perfume-esque electro pop — especially for the Japanese market. Instead, Lit feels like a half-measure. Its hooks aren’t sticky enough to draw attention and the downbeat nature of its instrumental makes for an oddly subdued groove. It’s the opposite of “lit,” actually!






Grade: C

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