Full Album Stream: Unmothered – “Corridors”

If you enjoy the furious energy of extreme metal, but want it delivered with the spirit of straightforward hard rock, you need to check out Unmothered‘s new album. The band, through it’s various contributors, pulls together threads from dissonant death metal, angular riffs in the vein of Unsane and Today is the Day, and even a few echoes of black metal and doom. Regardless, the consistent theme is the ominous noise and harsh vocals that drive the album’s core sonic narrative. More than anything else, I appreciate that no one really sounds exactly like this today, especially not with as many hooks.

According to Matt Walker, who handles the band’s guitars and vocals:

“This is an album about catharsis and the personal corridors we traverse in the halls of our minds. It’s about the inevitability of change and its constant influence in our lives. It involves many writers and composers of music I’ve been fortunate enough to know and collaborate with for a long time. Spanning nearly 10 years back I’m excited to finally have this album finished. It’s been a long road.”

Corridors comes out on December 8, and Decibel is pleased to present this work of fantastical darkness in its full glory below. You can find pre-order information here.

Corridors by Unmothered

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