Song Review: CRAVITY – Dilly Dally

Earlier this year, I was impressed by a Japanese b-side from CRAVITY, but the group hadn’t yet released an original J-pop single. That changes with Dilly Dally, though it feels more like a Korean comeback that just happens to be performed in Japanese.

Dilly Dally‘s pop/rock sheen builds naturally upon September’s Ready Or Not, and that’s not all the two songs have in common. Both feel like rather generic stopgaps in between more exciting releases. With so much new music coming out every week, it would be nearly impossible to consistently stand out. However, this track feels inconsequential to the point of being forgettable. Apart from the “no dilly dally, gotta hurry up” hook (which is fun in a kind of dumb way), I can’t remember anything about it. And that’s after playing the song several times in a row!






Grade: C

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