Video Premiere: Fermentor – ‘Sensory Overlord’

Instrumental duo Fermentor have been at it for a while, releasing their self-titled first EP in 2011. Since then, they’ve released a demo, an EP, a full-length and two full-lengths, their latest being Mind Meld, which was released earlier this month. In case you didn’t hear it, we’ve got the band’s new video for “Sensory Overload” on deck, which you can watch below.

Featuring Till the Dirt/Beekeeper/live Atheist drummer Dylan Marks and Beekeeper guitarist Adam Wollach, Fermentor have a strong sense of rhythm and groove, even without a bass player in the mix. The downtuned guitar meshes with the groovy drums while also providing enough melody to carry the band as a two-piece band. The accompanying live performance video, directed by Chad Kelco, shows you exactly how Fermentor get down.

“‘Sensory Overload’ is the pinnacle of our music,” Marks tells Decibel. “After playing in a two-piece together for over 15 years, we have finally reached the point of a true Mind Meld.” You can hear more from Mind Meld and get your hands on a copy here.


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